Are you an entrepreneur, and are you looking for reliable personnel to handle peak orders flexibly and to bridge staff shortages? Do you need short-term external resources for a bigger project? Temporary work can be the perfect solution for you. The temporary staff is under contract with JABOFLEX and will be left to you for the duration of your project. We assume the rights and obligations of the employer during this time.

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Or are you looking for a temporary job in the manufacturing sector in a craft business, in the trade or the metal and electrical industry? Are you in possession of an EU work permit? Then start a permanent position with JABOFLEX!

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We provide production aids for the industry in the region of Paderborn, Lippstadt, and Gütersloh

We are a temporary work company from Geseke and leave production assistants and skilled workers and assistants with previous knowledge in the metal and electrical sectors to small and medium-sized businesses in Paderborn, but also in the Lippstadt, Soest, Gütersloh and northern South Westphalia region. Depending on the job, our staff will be at your service – and for as long as you need it. This can be several weeks or even longer work assignments of several months.


EU wide recruitment

Talk to us: Our staff is reliable, highly motivated, and flexible in their use!

As part of the EU recruitment process, we mainly recruit our employees from southern and eastern Europe and have an EU work permit. These employees are permanently employed by us under German social security law and are always deployed where they are needed.
The focus of his work lies in production assistant activities (assembly lines) in various sectors, including the food and beverage industry, order picking and packaging, the plastics industry (as foundry and production assistant), the metal or electrical industry, as well as skilled labor or for helper activities in the metal and electrical industries. Our employees can also be used in the areas of transport and logistics – such as parcel delivery service, forklift drivers, warehouse operators, truck drivers. These activities require in-house training, certain training time, or subject-specific professional knowledge as well as a driver’s license or forklift license. Of course, as a multilingual company, we help with operational integration!

Our strengths

Rapidity, flexibility and commitment

With absolute reliability, rapidity and flexibility, great personal commitment, and trustworthiness, we meet the expectations of all concerned. Reliability and trust are the foundation of all business relationships with customers and employees. Give us your request; we can provide you with accurate personnel within a few days! The linguistic barrier is also not a problem: we speak Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian and English in addition to German and take care of all matters, are on site when training the staff and are available as contact persons and translators.

We speak

  • German
  • English
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Croatian
  • Ukrainian

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