JABOFLEX is your partner for reliable staff in the region

We know the special needs of the metal and electrical industry

Experience in global project and product management

JABOFLEX GmbH was founded in 2019 by Darija Falk as a temporary employment agency. The headquarters of the family business is Geseke. After many years of professional experience in the construction industry and later in the industry – in the development and global project and product management segments – we are familiar with the needs of medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry and the metal and electrical industries. Many of these companies find it difficult to have a motivated, reliable, and enthusiastic staff available when they need it. For example, job peaks and short-term, labor-intensive projects are often problematic for many manufacturing and industrial companies because reliable labor is not available to the job. Wherever employees are needed for simple jobs after a short training period (assembly line, packaging, order picking, packing, shipping, and logistics), we will gladly assist you with our staff in a simple and uncomplicated way – in a temporary job.


Our motivation: We ensure your business success!

Here we see a niche in which we succeed as a temporary work agency and which we occupy precisely: We have a large pool of reliable and committed employees, who mainly come from southern and eastern Europe and for their employment in the industrial environment to North Rhine-Westphalia come. To be more precise: to the Hellweg region, to Ostwestfalen-Lippe and the north-south Westphalia in the districts of Paderborn, Soest, Gütersloh and the Hochsauerlandkreis. We speak the language of our customers – and in both senses of the word: Not only do we know the needs and peculiarities of the metal and electrical industry and industrial production from many years of professional experience, but we also like to act as a translator when training new employees. We speak several Eastern European languages, including Russian and Croatian, take care of all formalities and are always available for questions and ambiguities. For all things concerning the temporary employment relationship, we are your reliable partner. And that’s your big advantage as a customer: you have a direct contact person on site for all personnel matters – JABOFLEX.

  • reliable employees from South and Eastern Europe

  • employment in industrial environment

  • application in North Rhine Westphalia

  • We speak German, English, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian

  • We are your local contact