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You would like to work for JABOFLEX?
We appreciate your interest!

Here we answer the most important questions about your assignment

Do you have an EU work permit and, ideally, do you have training or previous knowledge and skills in metalworking or the electrical industry? You would like to work for several months in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia, Geseke region / Paderborn / Lippstadt / Soest / Gütersloh) in a permanent employment production company, e.g., as a production assistant, as a production employee in industry, trade or industry, in picking or packing?

Then contact us and send us your application documents. We will contact you as soon as possible!

+49 2942 928 90 40

The most common questions from applicants for temporary employment:

How long can I work for JABOFLEX?2019-05-28T10:15:50+01:00

The longer, the better. Workers with an EU work permit can work in Germany indefinitely. If you are committed, motivated, and reliable, nothing stands in the way of a longer work assignment. During this time, you are permanently employed by JABOFLEX and are “lent” to production companies and industrial companies, where you have your assignment, by the statutory provisions of the German Temporary Employment Act. The law regulates the transfer of employees (temporary workers) to other companies. They are permanently employed, earn the legally prescribed wage, are covered by health and pension insurance, and have the statutory right to vacation.

How is my assignment going?2019-05-28T10:16:51+01:00

You do not have to worry about anything, JABOFLEX handles all formalities for you, our team takes care of your transport to the place of work and also takes care of accommodation. On the first day of work, we will go with you to the company where you are employed, explaining and translating the most important things. Then it all depends on you: your dedication, and reliability. You are socially insured under German law; the law governs your working hours. When your assignment is over, we will gladly take care of your return home.

Where will I be employed?2019-05-24T17:35:52+01:00

The partner companies of JABOFLEX are medium-sized production companies and industrial companies in North Rhine-Westphalia. To be more precise: in the Hellweg region, East Westphalia-Lippe and in the northern part of South Westphalia in the districts of Paderborn, Soest, Gütersloh and Hochsauerlandkreis. They will be employed as production assistants (e.g., assembly line work, order picking, packaging) or as skilled workers or assistants in the metalworking, electrical and other industries or in the transport and logistics sectors. If you have special professional or technical skills and qualifications or if you hold a driving license (class B or CE) or a forklift license, you will be used according to these abilities if possible. Working conditions, working, and break times comply with the German standard or the applicable laws.

I do not speak German. Is this a problem?2019-05-24T17:36:15+01:00

That’s no problem because we speak your language. Our team at JABOFLEX speaks Russian and Croatian as well as many other languages, we will help you with any questions and take care of all the formalities that affect your stay and your work assignment in Germany. On your first day at work, we’ll be on-site translating everything you need to know what our partner company expects from you.