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Would you like to take advantage of temporary employment for your business?

Then use our employees flexibly in your company!

You have short or long-term personnel requirements in the area of ​​production, order picking, packaging, shipping, and logistics or industrial production? You are looking for temporary employees in the fields of metalworking or electrical, like skilled workers or assistants with previous knowledge, employees with a truck driver’s license or forklift license? No matter if you run a small or medium-sized company, just want to book us once or work together with JABOFLEX – we will do our utmost to help you and your project.

Are you interested in the benefits of working with JABOFLEX? Then get in touch and let us convince you!

Then get in touch and let us convince you!

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These advantages speak for JABOFLEX:



Already in the consultation, you receive a binding offer from JABOFLEX so that you can meet your needs quickly – even for short-term use within a few days. You can be sure that we only suggest employees who suit you and your company. JABOFLEX is always ready to use and powerful partner that you can trust!



Cover orders with our staff flexibly, and cover vacation and illness-related staff shortages! We make sure that you get the flexible personnel you need at short notice!



Our customers can count on us when it comes to fast and qualified solutions in the field of personnel requirements.
We act in a binding manner and are just as reliable as our employees when they work for you. That is also the reason why many customers feel in good hands with us and would like to recommend us. Enjoy the advantages of trusting cooperation!

Perfect fit

Perfect fit

We ensure tailor-made personnel solutions. At JABOFLEX, you get exactly the people with the qualifications you need. From skilled workers in the metal and electrical industry to helping hands in production.



We have many years of professional and industry experience in the industry and know exactly the requirements of industrial production. That makes us competent and professional partners of our customers.



Our company headquarters in Geseke (district of Soest) is close to you, we are available on-site at any time for inquiries. We are always there for you when there is something to discuss with the staff. Simply contact your contact at JABOFLEX and let us convince you of our personnel services!

Our service package

Perfectly tailored to your personnel requirements!

Temporary work2019-05-24T17:09:03+01:00

Within the scope of temporary work or temporary employment, we provide you with production helpers and workers in the field of metal and electrical work for temporary needs. The employee is under contract with us during this time; you only pay for the days he spends in your company. We take care of a fair and up-to-date payment according to the tariff because the fair dealing with all involved is important to us. As part of our order, we also offer you a targeted pooling. This means that we are constantly “collecting” suitable employees for you, who can call you up flexibly in case of acute staffing needs or for a particularly labor-intensive project. With this flexibility, you secure competitive advantages and relieve your personnel management!


Take the strain off your human resources department and rely on our recruiting staff to find production assistants and workers for the metalworking and electrical industries. Only if your personnel requirements are met accurately and quickly, you can successfully implement your projects and assignments! We deal with personnel selection every day and know what is important. We moderate the entire personnel selection process – from the search of our staff pool to the submission of applications on job portals and media to the conclusion of a contract. At the end of the process is the permanent employment of a suitable employee. We search until you find an optimal solution.
Again, after the briefing at your site, you will receive an offer and can instruct us if you have acute staffing needs.

EU Recruitment2019-05-24T17:12:43+01:00

Many companies rely on EU recruitment of staff, which may be an appropriate strategy for filling vacancies. Although recruiting from abroad is more time-consuming than searching in Germany, it can be a viable solution when it comes to finding particularly reliable employees – partly because the legal framework has been relaxed in recent years. However, those recruited from abroad must expect extra effort. JABOFLEX will do all this for you! We handle the entire EU recruitment for you: Starting with the personnel approach, we take over all hiring formalities, information, and placement services to integration into your company. We speak Croatian, Russian, English, and other languages ​​and help with the integration of the new employee.

Master Vendor2019-05-24T17:14:28+01:00

If you always have high personnel requirements because you have to cope with peak orders, then it makes sense to be accompanied conceptually by JABOFLEX to be effectively relieved. Engage us early in the design phase, and we coordinate all your external human resources needs. Our goal is to relieve you with various service packages – you get all the services from a single source. After all, there are enough tasks in human resources that you have to deal with daily and over and over again. Trust us and our efficiency! With the Master Vendor concept, your HR work gains speed and flexibility, because you only tell us what you need – and we take care of everything else! We look for suitable candidates, carry out job interviews and personnel selection procedures, and then present suitable employees. We hire this employee as part of temporary employment. We cover all employee costs and social benefits. So you relieve by a lean “outsourcing” your personnel work. Let us support you!

HR consulting2019-05-24T17:14:54+01:00

As specialists for small and medium-sized companies in the metal and electrical industry and the trades, the JABOFLEX personnel consultants support you holistically from the personnel requirements analysis to the personnel requirements planning to the personnel search. We help you to recruit and develop personnel. According to the requirements analysis and the description of the position to be filled, we can use our personnel search and retrieval tools as needed. Thanks to our industry knowledge and experience, we can quickly introduce you to the best candidates. Also, we accompany the integration into your company. Set the course today for the operational success of tomorrow! Talk to us; we are happy to advise you!

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